At Free Ride, the equipment you buy is guaranteed!

Warranty duration and conditions:

As a general rule, equipment is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase.

At North Kiteboarding, the wings, thebarsand theboards< /strong> are guaranteed for 18 monthssubject to registration on the North Kiteboarding website (product registration section). In the absence of registration within 10 days of the date of purchase, the warranty is 1 year.

At North Sails, most windsurfing masts are guaranteed for 2 years!

The North sails sails are guaranteed between 2 and 5 years depending on the model, subject to registration on the site. This warranty covers manufacturing defects, seams etc... The monofilm is never guaranteed.

No longer buy a random brand, choose the ones that last!

Warranty Implementation:

Warranty covers all manufacturing or design issues with the products. This does not cover defects in use. Eg: if your kite wing ends up in the trees, the warranty will not work...

For any warranty claim, just go to the rue Bénébig store with the equipment. We will send a file to the manufacturer with photos, the purchase invoice and the detail of the problem.

We will be able to give you an answer within two to four working days depending on the supplier. In any case, it is the manufacturer of the product who decides whether the guarantee is granted or not.

For our part, we will make every effort to provide quality after-sales service!</h3 >